Thank you for your continued interest in the Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project!  In today’s world of the COVID pandemic, it is more important than ever to continue our mission of global outreach.  Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project (“PSCTP”) is hosting a fundraiser called “The Twelve Days of Giving”.  On our Facebook page, for twelve consecutive days, we will highlight an area of our work in Tanzania.  Some of the days will also feature some local charities here in California with which we have partnered.  On the designated partner days, a percentage of donations will be given to each of those charities, in recognition of the challenges facing our communities closer to home during these difficult times.

PSCTP is building a new clinic in the Village of Kisongo, home to thousands of Maasai and other tribes of Tanzania.  The clinic currently serving that population has no running water or electricity and is literally crumbling.  PSCTP is also providing scholarships to 6 individuals in Tanzania – 2 physicians, 3 social workers and 1 registered nurse, plus has agreed to sponsor a nurse midwife upon her successful application to a program.  We also support “Roots & Shoots” in Tanzania, a program created by Jane Goodall (an honorary Board member of PSCTP) which focuses on the education of children on the importance of nature and wildlife in the world.

Check out our Facebook page daily to join in all the fun and see what we are up to!  We are busy.  We have great projects.  We have lots of enthusiasm.  We are doing important work.  And we need your help.  Please consider making a donation to PSCTP, so that we can continue to reach our goals and make the world a better place.