Volunteer and Donor Spotlight

The Phil Simon Clinic and The Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project have been fortunate to have many volunteers and dedicated donors from all walks of life participating and supporting the project. Children and adults have supported our fundraising events, volunteered in the Pasadena Clinic and of course, volunteered for many aspects of our work in East Africa.

Support from many prestigious and talented outside organizations have enhanced the community spirit of the Clinic and the Tanzania Project. Organizations such as Creative Planet School of The Arts, Holy Family School in South Pasadena, The San Marino Tsunami Swim Team, The Phoenix Pharmacy and Wellness Center, The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles and the South Pasadena Senior Center Art Class have all given their time and talented members to the project.

Volunteer professionals from Huntington Memorial Hospital, Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, Occidental College, the California Institute of Technology and Dartmouth College have enhanced Clinic activities and projects.

Finally, the many patients of The Phil Simon Clinic have generously given their time and clinical experiences. All of these organizations and people are testimony to the community fabric of The Phil Simon Clinic.

Tanzania Project’s Featured Donors/Volunteers

Edwin Deras, Jr., MPH

My name is Edwin Deras. My story is the culmination of the effort my parents have made in their journey for a better life. I am a son of immigrants from Central America, a Guatemalan mother and a Salvadoran father. I am the eldest of 3 with two younger sisters. My parents always believed that education was the key to success. Today I hold a Master of Public Health in Biostatistics and Epidemiology and work in oncology research at Kaiser Permanente. I am currently in Tanzania, Africa as part of Team Tanzania 2024 through The Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project (PSCTP). I first became involved with the Phil Simon Clinic in 2021 when my dad, who works as a gardener, connected me with Dr. Shriner, director of the PSCTP. I have observed the disparities that are present here in Tanzania, many of which are paralleled in my parents’ home countries. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this project and contribute to the 20 years of work that has been done here.

Edwin sharing his stories with the Tanzanian Scholars – Arusha, Tanzania, February 2024

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