The Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project believes providing equitable and accessible opportunities for good healthcare, education, and prosperity are essential for societal stability. Our commitment to serving the marginalized communities of Tanzania includes remaining educated about global issues that disproportionately negatively impact underserved people in East Africa.

Our Speaker Series events are interactive lectures given by experts in various specialties. Topics have included, infectious disease, global health, issues related to agriculture and food supplies, human rights, the environment, veterinary care and more. These events are virtual via Zoom, FREE and open to everyone. Please visit our YouTube page to see past speakers and subscribe!





2023 SPEAKER SERIES EVENTS - Click links below to watch now on YouTube


Aaron Berkowitz, MD, Ph.D, Professor of Neurology, UCSF: One by One by One: Toward Global Health Equity in Neurology (October 11, 2023) Watch Video


Dr. John Tegzes, Interim Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, Western University of Health Sciences (October 4, 2023) Watch Video


Dr. Kimberly Shriner: Is a Surge Coming?  (September 6, 2023) Watch Video


 Dr. Ezekiel Moirana & Dr. Kim Shriner: Traveling Together: A Brief History of the PSCTP (June, 2023) Watch Video


 Jamil Husein: Improving Health through Innovative Engineering in Resource Limited Countries (May, 2023) Watch Video


Jane Goodall: The State of Our World (April, 2023) Watch Video


Dr. William Patzert, Climatologist, Oceanographer and Scientist at NASA/JPL - It's Raining and Flooding: Why are We Still in a Drought? (March 22, 2023) Watch Video


Larry Mantle, Host of KPCC/LAist 89.3 AirTalk - A Divided Country (February 14, 2023) Watch Video


2022 SPEAKER SERIES EVENTS - Click links below to watch now on YouTube


 PSCTP Scholarship Committee, Changing Lives, Lives Changed: Educating Healthcare Workers in Tanzania  (December 14, 2022)  Watch Video

Jane Olson, Author, World Citizen (October 12, 2022) Watch Video

Viruses Among Us: An Update on COVID and Monkeypox, Kimberly Shriner, M.D. (August 31, 2022) Watch Video

Jack Lowery, Author: It Was Vulgar & It Was Beautiful: How AIDS Activists Used Art To Fight A Pandemic (June 29, 2022)  Watch Video

 Infections in Travelers: True Stories from the Field, Claire Panosian Dunaven, M.D. (May 4, 2022) Watch Video

Alpha to Omicron: Will COVID Ever End? Kimberly Shriner, M.D. (January 20, 2022) Watch Video



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