After a long, but uneventful flight (except for that unfortunate betadine leak-I think we left a brown trail from LA to Kilimanjaro) arrived at Moivaro lodge and greeted by our many friends. Up early today with the hornbills, a nice morning hike, then delicious crepes and omelets and back down the still bumpy Moivaro road to St Elizabeth hospital. Arusha town bustling and busy. St Elizabeth hospital now has a nice new HIV clinic building so no more working out of the packing container. Sister Phyllis and Dr Kway provided us with a warm greeting and several patients. Everyone jumped in and in 5 hours had screened 49 patients and scheduled 32 surgeries with more to come.  Tomorrow, it’s off to Kisongo clinic for the medicine team and into the OR for the surgeons. A good and productive day, and as the sun sets on beautiful Mount Meru, the team enjoys a well deserved rest and a cold Kilimanjaro.