After twenty eight hours of travelling,10 members of the Phil Simon Clinic finally arrived at Kilimanjaro Airport at 9.15 Sunday evening.We were all very tired but also very excited at being back in Tanzania, a beautiful country and wonderful people whom we have all come to love and admire.

Our journey here would not be complete without some sort of calamity and this time,it was Jody and I who had a problem. My medical bag got lost somewhere in Amsterdam and hopefully this evening it will finally arrive intact…Jody however was not so lucky. It seems Jody’s luggage had a slight run in with some equipment and was totally mangled and it was basically put back together with tape. There were some items lost and were of great personal value to Jody but like a great trooper she managed not to let this event spoil her return to Africa.

After a few hours of well deserved sleep,our team left Moviaro this morning to visit the Upone Charitable Clinic and meet with our counter parts, Dr. Solomon and his medical team. We all received a wonderful warm welcome and Dr.Shriner,Dr. Tyson and Dr.Christianakis set off to work and do what they do best and saw patients. Tom and Phyllis went to work doing triage. This was Phyllis’s first time with the team and after some help from Tom, she was a pro by the end of the day. Our other new team members, Dr.Tyson and Dr. Christianakis were wonderful. It is wonderful to watch these great Physicians use there knowledge and talented gifts to help those who are so less fortunate than us. I proudly salute my team members for there dedication to helping us and I am very honored to be part of this team.