On the Third Day of Giving, we want you all to meet –  our THREE social workers to be!

Elisha Hhando

Elisha Hhando has just started his SW studies at Kampala International University in Dar es Salaam after receiving his bachelor’s in education. He was inspired to become a social worker after accompanying his mother to hospitals and witnessing the important role of social workers in communities. Currently, he provides counseling to help people with mental disorders and drug addiction and hopes to continue to be able to apply his skills, training, and social work background to help his community.

Arafa Mghusi has also started her SW degree at Mkolani College of Health Science in Mwanza. She is aiming for a diploma in social work so she can serve her local community of Manyara. Arafa’s leadership skills, boundless potential, and beautiful personality makes her an excellent candidate for our scholarship!

Our third SW student is Veronica Lugwisha who currently attends Mwenge Catholic University in Moshi.  She has always wanted to become a SW after seeing how few there are in Tanzania despite the large necessity.  Veronica has been volunteering as a medical attendant for three years and has been counseling patients and families.


Social workers have always been an integral part of the Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project and have participated in multiple trips since the project’s inception.  Thank you to our supporters for helping our scholarship recipients achieve their dreams and continue this vital work.  Look below to see pictures of our social work scholars!