In Celebration of International Women’s Day

A Word from the President of PSCTP


Today, March 8, 2021 is designated as International Women’s Day.  The Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project is dedicated to serving all underserved people in East Africa , but our organization has been uniquely impacted by women.  Women have been prominently represented in our volunteer teams, our Tanzanian scholarship recipients, our African colleagues, our Board, our donors and, perhaps most importantly, the many thousands of people who have received multidisciplinary care from our project. From the ladies  who courageously gathered together for our first HIV seropositive support group in the early days of the Project to the professional Tanzanian women who are now attending medical and graduate school, we salute their determination, dedication and contributions.

– Kimberly Shriner, M.D., Founder and President, The Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project


“If you educate a woman, you can change the world.”

-Rebeka Gurti, 4th year medical student and PSCTP Scholarship Recipient
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