How do you write about a trip that has been and is speechless. Like a magnificent four-ton elephant that is five feet from your vehichle, a picture does not give it justice! Words cannot describe the unconditional love that has been given out to all those that have stretched forth a hand. Political, religious, and personal beliefs (though very different) have been put aside. We have bonded on a much higher level — a spiritual level, a level of love and harmony.

The last few days, we have been exploring and admiring the beauty given us from Mother Nature. The lions, cheetahs, zebras, monkeys, elephants, rhinos, and giraffes have put us all in a state of awe. At first I thought, “Yeah, Cool, but I’ve seen all these animals before.” Well, let me tell you – it is not the same!! Being ten feet from a cheetah that has fresh blood on his face, panting hard from a recent snack; a lion crouching down on the prowl for her next meal in between our Landrovers; and a monkey sneaking into the back of our car to take the leftover bananas while we were on a restroom break. PRICELESS, I TELL YOU!!

And then – of course, when you are with seven women – there are the funny moments.


  1. The talking and laughing about STDs and other disgusting medical findings while the food is being served.
  2. The crying and flowing of emotions when the patients and the wonderful African people were talked about.
  3. After dinner someone ALWAYS asked if they looked fat!


  1. While driving past a tree with a nest high atop, someone asked, “What kind of nest is that?” Pascal hesited, smiled, and then responded, “A bird nest.”
  2. A question was asked about “wine berries.” And then Pascal, again, in his Swahili-English, repeats, “Wine berries? Do you mean grapes?”
  3. Lesikar asked his group, “Is a zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes?”
  4. The most famous question of all:
    “Hey Rhonda?”
    “Yes Dr. Shriner.”
    “We’re in Africa!”

From “chesty pain” and “crater nose” to slugs (kono kono) and wild bats (popo), the love of this wonderful group always returns to the suffering “Around the World” with HIV/AIDS. Dr. Shriner has continously asked me, “Ryan, was it worth the 30 hour flight?” And I can honestly tell her, “Yes, because I have been surrounded by seven angels.”