Several months ago, famed primatologist and PSCTP supporter, Jane Goodall asked if The Project could expand the veterinary services to donkeys of Tanzania. For years, Jane has been concerned about the welfare and care of these working animals. Serendipitously, after that request, Dr. Shriner met Russ and Sally White, long time supporters of Huntington Hospital’s pet assisted therapy program and donkey enthusiasts. Through their organization, The T.S. and K.D. Glide Foundation and with the assistance of highly respected equine vets at The University of California, Davis Veterinary School, they provide comprehensive care for donkeys, horses and other assorted animals who were destined for euthanasia. The Whites graciously offered to arrange a donkey symposium with vets from PSCTP and the Davis staff.

Jane Haderlein, Senior VP Philanthropy and Public Relations, Huntington Hospital; Sally White; Russ White; Dr. Kimberly Shriner

This amazing rendezvous occurred December 2 and 3, 2017 at the Glide Foundation Ranch. Activities included an extensive tour of the acres of land and housing dedicated to the recipient donkeys and horses, a fascinating symposium reviewing donkey physiology and health issues as well as successes and hurdles of other global outreach equine programs in Morocco and Costa Rica and an opportunity for the vets, veterinary assistants and donkey enthusiasts from Team Tanzania to share knowledge, anecdotes, advice and experiences. Oh yes, and there were lots of donkey head scratches and cookie treats. The PSCTP vets will now take that knowledge to Tanzania and reach out to improve donkey/equine care and compassion. Thank you to all the amazing staff at Glide, UC Davis and especially to Sally and Russ White and their family.

Video of Donkey Weekend:

From Veterinarians Diane Tang and Michelle Zoryan:

Mohawk Alley is proud to announce that we have a team of 12 veterinarians and vet staff going to Arusha, Tanzania in February 2018 with the Phil Simon clinic. Last week, five of our team members had the opportunity to visit a large animal sanctuary in Davis, California. The Glide Foundation provided us with a unique opportunity. We visited with 150+ donkeys, horses, pigs, goats and cows who were exceptionally cared for – and living the good life! The Foundation works closely with multiple equine veterinary staff members at UC Davis, who honored us with 2 hours of lectures on large animal care in developing countries. Our goal is to use this knowledge to benefit the donkey population of Arusha and its surrounding areas.