Hello, America. It’s our fourth day here in Arusha. So far so good. Today we are on our way to Moshi to visit KCMC (Kilimonjoro Christian Medical Center). KCMC is a teaching hospital. They have a bed capacity of 450, but they have a daily census of 600 patients. They accept private and nonprivate patients, and unfortunately you will see the difference in their amenity services.

We had the opportunity to visit the different departments of the hospital. For me, the most fascinating is the food and nutrition department. I was able to see the different practices they had, and it is a total difference from the way I am accustomed to.

In a nutshell, our visit was very enlightening, and I have great admiration for the African spirit, their tenacity, and endurance.

If you have the opportunity to visit Africa, do it. It will change your life.

Asante sana (thank you).