Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is a very sad day to say farewell to you friends whom we have been together working hand in hand giving services to the patients visiting the HIV/AIDS groups, and doing home visiting in Arusha Municipality.

This was a very memorable moment being together as one team, where no person could notice that we come from different nationalities with different backgrounds. You have been and in fact, are special people. Every body enjoyed your services, both patients, relatives and staff you happen to work with.

We thank you for the medicines and equipment that you brought to Upone Medical Centre. This will boost services and the morale of the service providers. We promise you that we will use the equipment and the medicines for the betterment of the services to our patients and not for any cost nor profit making.

Upone is lacking many things including equipment, medicine and staff incentives, but I hope that with the support we are getting from you, this, in future, will be only a history.

We have no words to express our deep hearted gratitude for what you have done for us and our people but what we can do is to continue this spirit and the team work you imported to us in caring for the needy.

It is my hope that the cooperation between The Phil Simon Clinic in Pasadena and the Upone Charitable Medical Centre in Arusha will be strengthened and sustained to benefit our patients and staff.

We wish you a very good journey back home and many regards for those you left at home and well wishers.

May I present this on behalf of the Upone Staff.