I first met Rebeka Gurti in a small clinic in Kisongo Village in 2014. She was a clinical officer and was introduced to me by Dr. Ezekiel Moirana. Like Dr. Moirana, our first Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project (PSCTP) scholar, I was impressed with her compassion and dedication to her patients. When we returned to Tanzania in 2016, we spent more time with Rebeka in Kisongo. She clearly had remarkable clinical and leadership skills and was much admired and appreciated by this very underserved community. We had been pondering sponsoring a new physician for the PSCTP scholarship program, and I very much wanted to have a woman. Rebeka seemed to be an ideal candidate. During that trip we dedicated some land to build a clinic in Kisongo and at the very same time we surprised Rebeka and her husband, Amani, with an offer to send her to medical school. To say she was thrilled and moved was an understatement. Rebeka applied and was accepted shortly thereafter to medical school in Uganda. She has continued her studies with a high degree of scholarship achievement. While she was in medical school, she and her husband formed a small clinic in their village of Manyara. In preparation for her new role as a physician, the clinic will provide much-needed basic medical care to an underserved community. Today, March 23, 2023, Rebeka Gurti graduated from King Caesar University with her degree in medicine. She attributes her stamina, grit and desire to become a physician to her supportive family who recognized her gifts at an early age. She also recognizes the contributions that PSCTP has made to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. We know that she will change many lives going forward. She will be an inspiration to many young Tanzanians, boys, and girls alike to reach for the stars, to pursue your dreams because they can come true. Thanks to all the team members, donors, volunteers and supporters of PSCTP. You have made a tremendous investment in the health and future of the people of Tanzania.
Congratulations, Rebeka. We are so proud of you.

Kimberly Shriner, MD, FACP
Founder, President of the Board
The Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project
March 23, 2023