What an amazing week!  It  ended with a rotation into the recovery room.  The patient arrived on a sling suspended between two poles.  It seemed remarkably similar to some of the old pictures of patient transportation at HMH.  It still works great, although I heard that the previous day, involving a heavy patient, found two of our volunteers trying to get out from under the patient.

One of our patients had an elbow fixed by Dr. Tang,  He was awfully slow to wake up and was dizzy when standing.  Apparently, his family was far away, nobody was going to pick him up and he needed to get home by himself, about 10 Km away.  We also heard that he eats only once a day, which explained how skinny he was.  We finally fed him something, gave him a bottle of water and he perked up.   With one arm heavily bandaged and in a sling, we helped him dress, gave him a bunch of snacks and sent him on his way.  He went around and thanked and hugged each of us – so typical of the Tanzanian people – and reaffirmed why we are all here.