From the Photographer’s Lens

As the team photographer, I was one of the few who was able to witness and document all aspects of today’s events at St. Elizabeth Hospital. That being said, as one of the few non-medical people on the team, I saw these events as a layman. Above all, I was struck by the dedication of everyone on the team, as they did their absolute best to provide the best care to the Tanzanian people.
From my non-medical perspective, it all seemed like controlled chaos at the hospital, with hundreds of people patiently waiting in the dust and the heat of the mid-day sun. Most of them arrived at the hospital very well dressed – woman in beautiful African print dresses and children dressed as through they were going to church. I photographed the preparation of the operating rooms, an ultrasound clinic, surgical clinic and pediatric clinic. Of all the things I photographed today, the pediatric clinic made the greatest impression on me. I suppose it’s because I’m a parent (I have two children, 7 and 4. I have always taken my children’s health and their access to quality care for granted. It’s experiences like this that make me rethink and recalibrate my own level of gratitude and good fortune.
We have only just begun here in Tanzania, and I look forward to documenting the great work the team is doing.

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