The Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project is a small, community based and highly focused endeavor to assist in the control of one of the most devastating epidemics in the global community.


Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project

2021 Board of Directors

Kimberly Shriner, MD

Marie Csete, MD, Ph.D

Janice Davolio, MD

Sally T. Eastman

Michael Eastwood

Esmeralda Gibson

Eddy Hartenstein

Shukri Iman

Linda Jackson

Frank Johnson

Mia Mattioli, MD

Laura McLennan, RN

Mary Mendelsohn, RN

Alison Morris, RN

Mark Powell, MD

Carol Simon

Michael Singer

Dame Jane Goodall, Honorary Board Member


To promote community healthcare through global outreach and academic partnerships.



In 2002, The Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project (PSCTP) took its first team of volunteer healthcare workers to Northern Tanzania. It was designed to be a fact finding mission about the AIDS epidemic ravaging Tanzania and what we could do to help with some of the suffering of its people. That trip changed many lives, including our own. In the last 18 years, over 200 American and European healthcare volunteers have traveled as part of the PSCTP to Northern Tanzania and shared their expertise with our Tanzanian colleagues.   Now, the PSCTP has blossomed into a large, effective and innovative 501(C)(3) organization providing medical, surgical, social work, veterinary and specialty care in East Africa. A successful healthcare scholarship program has helped ease the tremendous shortage of physicians and nurses in Tanzania. In addition, we are now committed to building an innovative, international clinical research teaching center in Kisongo, Arusha. HIV and other infectious diseases remain challenging for Africa. Effective antiretroviral therapy, education and research from many projects such as ours have helped lift some of that burden. Climate change, socioeconomic struggles, population movements, environmental destruction and political factors continue to challenge those of us working in global health. Nevertheless, we remain committed to the promotion of global goodwill and health through collaboration and compassion.

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