Day 1

Jambo everyone in the States.

We arrived last night after our 30 hour ordeal….all intact and tired to be sure. As the plane doors opened, we saw a full orange moon and smelled the wood fires we have come to know as Africa.

Getting through Customs was not as easy as some times that we’ve come, but we made it.

After unloading all our bags and some personal belongings in our room….most got a quick shower and hit the sack.

We awoke to a beautiful day full of sun and several team members went on a walk around the perimeter of the grounds to start the day before breakfast.

Then we were off to the Municipal council to be gretted by Dr. Solomon Ole and then the group split in two..some going to Upone Medical clinic and some to Mount Meru hospital.

I was at the clinic…Alison and myself triaged patients and Dr.’s Chandy, Cho, Alrashad and Shriner saw them. Chief complaint of the day..chesty pain which is not uncommon here due to cooking indoors without proper ventilation.

We also saw several HIV patients, some already on medications which was nice to know.

Just had a swim to refresh from the day and tonight we’ll be off to be greeted and have Dr.’s Blitz and Schulman presented with the Tanzanian medical licenses over dinner.

all for now, tom

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