Off to Tanzania 2006

It’s hard to believe more than a year has gone by since our last visit to Arusha, Tanzania. Once again, we are packed and ready for another trip to East Africa to continue our work in HIV/AIDS and our very special associations with the Tanzanian people and healthcare workers. Ten duffel bags are packed with […]

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Hard to Say Goodbye

The week has sped by and it’s still hard to process our time here. We finished up clinical work on Friday after seeing over 150 patients-many with HIV, all at risk for HIV; some in the early stages of disease,a few dying before our eyes. It’s a mixed feeling,sometimes frustrating that we haven’t been able […]

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Here We Are!

After 30 grueling hours of travel, we arrived safely at Kilimanjaro Airport last night, a little bedraggled but so glad to be back in Tanzania. The flights were on time-even a little early into Amsterdam thanks to a frisky tailwind. Met up with Dr. Tyson-he’s hard to miss in the crowd and has now been […]

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Off We Go!

It’s hard to believe that an entire year has passed since we were last in Arusha, Tanzania. Now we are two days from departing for our third trip to East Africa. Much has happened over the last year. It may seem difficult to press on when the statistics surrounding HIV/AIDS continue to grow at an […]

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The jet lag is beginning to wear off and the reality of our adventure is beginning to set in. One last image of Kilimanjaro as we set off for the airport and our flight home. A teary farewell to Pascal and Lesika, our special friends who delivered us safely from safari. We’ve arrived back in […]

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January 25, 2004

Africa gets under your skin,literally and figuratively. We’ve completed our clinical work at Upone for the week. It’s really only the very beginning. Our staff is experiencing a mixture of exhaustion and exhiliration. The week has been a kaleidoscope of hard work, tremendous sorrow, incredible joy and inspiration. We leave Upone with a well stocked […]

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Twalibu He is 6 years old. Beautiful and expressive brown eyes. A quick smile. Bright and outgoing. He’s as curious and energetic as any 6 year old at home. He also has HIV. He has lost both parents to HIV/AIDS and is now living with a loving aunt. So far, he’s fairly healthy; just a […]

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Pasadena, California

At T minus 2 days and counting, this will be the first installment of The Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Journal. So many months (years) of preparation have taken us here. We already have a great email and postal correspondence with Dr. Solomon Ole Logilinore and his Upone Charitable Medical Centre in Arusha. Have sent ( […]

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