Images of Safari: Parked in a cool, shaded grove of trees and tall grass, surrounded by a herd of elephants, the only sound, that of the herd pulling up the grass and rustling through the undergrowth. The excitement of our first animal sighting, a lone Impala running in the distance. Encountering hundreds more Impala next to the road and laughing at ourselves for all of the long distance photos we initially shot. Rounding a corner to discover a group of 26 girrafe feeding in the forest of accacia trees on a nearby hill. Two lions lazily resting in the grass 6 feet from our Land Roover, seemingly unconcerned by our intrusion. The indescribeable vastness of the Sarengeti plain stretching to the horizon, its flatness interrupted only by the innumerable herds of Zebra and Wildebeast. Our group of eight walking in silence through the meadow toward our campsight as the mist and dusk settle on us. Awakening the next morning to discover a view from our mountain top camp of lush valleys and rolling hills, the sun rising above them. The sounds at night – beatles flying into the tent wall, frogs crooking in our tent, a hyena brusing against the tarp and “laughing”, and a million crickets lulling us to sleep. If one does not believe in a higher power, he need only come to the national parks of northern Tanzania, and he will question his assumption.

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