Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project receives $10,000 gift from Huntington Hospital in honor of Dr. Harry Bowles


It is with great pleasure that the Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project (PSCTP) announces the generous gift of $10,000 from Huntington Hospital in honor of the leadership of President Emeritus of the Medical Staff, Dr. Harry Bowles.  Dr. Bowles has been a longtime supporter and participant in PSCTP.  As an accomplished and very well-respected anesthesiologist, his remarkable clinical skills in the operating room have enhanced and saved thousands of lives not just in the San Gabriel Valley but in the ORs of East Africa as well.  His many trips to Tanzania with PSCTP speak to his passion in serving the underserved. He is equally dedicated to the graduate medical education of Huntington’s surgical house staff in local and African venues. Dr. Bowles and his wife, Hollis have served on the Board of PSCTP for many years and continue to be invaluable members of the teams that travel to Northern Tanzania.


Huntington Hospital (HH) has been an early and ardent supporter of PSCTP. Indeed, their philanthropic assistance and ongoing graduate medical education support have allowed the vision of PSCTP to flourish.  During these very difficult times of COVID, the staff of the entire hospital have come together to provide comprehensive, compassionate and courageous care to our community.  Along with Huntington’s CEO, Dr. Lori Morgan, Dr. Bowles has been a patient, inspirational and enlightened leader.  This generous gift, in recognition of that leadership will change many lives in East Africa.  PSCTP is proud to continue our relationship with such a fine physician as Dr. Harry Bowles and such a remarkable institution as Huntington Hospital.


-Kimberly Shriner, M.D.

Founder, President of the Board

The Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project


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