Last Day!

We’re now at the end of a memorable journey. It’s been two weeks of new team and African friendships, medical and Safari experiences. The common denominator being we are all here for each other and we are better together. In Swahili “tutuzane” means “helping one another” and that we did.

I couldn’t say I had a special moment because they all were. I will share the Ezekiel story (in the Bible, Ezekiel means “God is strong”). Ezekiel, one or 8 or 9 children, was a medical offier at the orphanage we visited. The Phil Simon Clinic is sponsoring Ezekiel to go to medical school. He flew up from Dar es Saalam (his first plane trip) to be with us. He went with us to the orphanage last Thursday. After, he was driven to where his family lives. They didn’t know he was coming and it was a very special surprise. Pictures were taken. The next day he was presented with a lap top computer donated by Sally’s company. The look on his face was priceless. Even better, he was instructed to look at the screen saver. Up came the picture of Ezekiel with his family taken the day before. Again the look on his face was priceless. Dr. Shriner, among others, have had the pleasure of knowing him for sometime now and I see how he has touched their lives. Before I met him, Dr. Shriner would speak of him with such compassion and passion. I understand now what she means. He will be an asset to the medical field here in Arusha. Ezekiel is such a wonderful, humble, blessed person and I am so thankful to have met him. We had a farewell lunch with him today and I will forever remember his sweet smiling face and beautiful soul.
I am forever thankful for this experience. Thank you Dr. Shriner for your compassion and passion for this project. You are an inspiration to me.

See you all very soon.

All my love to my friends and family.

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