To Ngorongoro

Today our journey took us through a very picturesque scenery, very green and lush, from Rhino Lodge overlooking the Ngorongoro Crater, to the small village of Endulen, home of long time PSCTP driver/team member, Lesikar Naalais. Along the way we encountered many young children on the roadside and were able to give them toy cars of which they were very appreciative.  A few zebras and giraffes as well as herders with there goats and cattle were present.
Once we reached the hospital where our clinic was to be held numerous people were already waiting for us. Many of them traveling by foot with their young children in their arms to be seen either by the Medical Doctor, Pediatrician or Dermatologist. One mother with her child travelled 20 kilometers to be seen and after the visit needed to walk back home. The people here are very friendly, patient and appreciate with everything that is being done for them. They await their turn without any complaints.
I did Pediatric rounds with their Physcian as well as two of ours. It was an eight bed room with there mothers or family member taking care of the patients and staying with them the entire hospitalization. The RN only administers medication and does vital signs. The hospital only provides one meal for them which is porridge and the family provides the rest. These children are anemic and malnourished and will require long term nutrition which is difficult to do.
The people here have the bare minimum and utilize what they have for there basic needs. Back home we need to more appreciative , patient and not be wasteful.

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