Traveling with Angels

What can you say about 27 people who will fly 30 hours, drag several tons of supplies in and out of land rovers, embrace the warmth and generosity of fellow Tanzanian colleagues, make hours of rounds in cramped hospital wards, make home visits in the bush, provide hours of excellent education and work tirelessly in a hot, tiny clinic with no running water and crumbling walls?! They are professionals, colleagues, global partners, compassionate listeners, friends, Africans, Americans and angels. This is Team Tanzania 2016 and they are making dreams come true! Yesterday was the initiation of our help to build a clinic in Kisongo. The village elders have given a most precious gift of a beautiful piece of land that will serve all the people of Kisongo. It will take perseverance, patience, hard work and many donations but we know we will continue this work

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