I am the eye behind the camera, having a chance to see everybody in action, our team and the Tanzanians. What eyes see through the lens is remarkable. What I feel being here is remarkable. The main thing is the feeling of just to be. Nothing else matters. No material world matters, just the human connection. The human connection has built up in the last four years by the team, and I am fortunate to witness the results of their work and the work of the newcomers like Raffee, Cheryl, Susie, Jim, and myself. Watching Dr. Shriner, Jody, Tom, Ann, and Lyn just being here is like for them coming home and being home. Tanzanians in the lodge, in the hospital, and the patients all welcome them as family members. There are no words to describe the insant results of the team’s work, in the children’s smile, in the mothers’ gratefullness, and the doctors’ appreciation of sharing professional knowledge. The philosophy of the Phil Simon Clinic and Dr. Shriner is validated every day and every place we go, and by everybody we meet.

I want to thank my swimmers who sent their notes to Tanzania, and to the parents who supported me in my journey. I hope I can bring back a very usefull message.