On the Seventh Day of Giving, we’d like everyone to meet, our 7 scholars learning!
Thus far in the campaign, we have introduced you to our scholarship program’s 2 RN and 3 SW scholars. Now meet our MD husband/wife team, Rebeca and Amani! Rebeca and Amani were awarded PSCTP scholarships to attend medical school for their unquestionable passion for improving the quality of healthcare in Tanzania.
Rebeca is in her 3rd year of medical school at King Ceasor University and aspires to be an ObGyn, meeting an area of critical need in her hometown of Manyara, Tanzania. Amani has just begun medical school at the Santa Maria Institute of Health and Allied Science.
The couple dreams to operate a clinic in their hometown one day and have already opened a practice IN THEIR OWN HOME to help the local population of Manyara. Their practice is known as the Nazareti Dispensary. Their devotion to the locals of Manyara is evident in the care they provide which include surgery, dermatological care, pediatrics, general medicine, GI and more! Their home practice is currently being run by a retired Community Officer while they’re on leave to university.
Your generous donations help us support training for health care workers in a part of the world with one of the lowest ratios of healthcare providers to population. We believe these 7 individuals are on track to make a difference in their country.

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