On the Road Again

  1. Our last day of clinic today started out by driving 45 minutes over a super bumpy dirt road through spectacular scenery to Endulen Hospital and being greeted by a couple hundred Maasai patients waiting for us. Some of the group stayed to provide patient care, others of us headed out to see HIV patients in their huts and check on their well-being, and some went to provide donkey care. An incredibly talented and dedicated bunch of wonderful people all working cheerfully and having fun while delivering much needed services.

And just like that, it was over. Where did the time go? Though frequently said by those who volunteer, its so true that we get back far more than we give. Tanzania is a beautiful country and the lives we touch cannot be numbered but we are making a difference, no matter how small. I’m so happy to be part of the Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project and am already looking forward to our return in 2020!!!

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