My Entry Part II

So, my entry the other day got cut short! Not used to being limited to my time on the computer, when my 30 minutes was up, IT WAS REALLY UP! Anyway, I just wanted to add that seeing the Tumiani group return to Upone was one of the highlights of my week! The connection we have made with the people we have met here over the years is really what stands out to me – they remember us and appreciate not only any help we can provide, but the relationship. I had a wonderful afternoon with these ladies! Luckily, Dr. Shriner had the pictures from TROUGH AFRICAN EYES on her computer, and I was able to show them a slide show of the pictures they took with the disposable cameras two years ago. We had so much fun looking at the pictures — “that’s my mother,” “that’s my husband.” An infant in the pictures is now two years old and was there to see the pictures too. What a gift to be able to share this with them.

It’s really been amazing to see the changes that have occurred here over the past three years – especially in the last year since antiretroviral therapy is now becoming available. I’m impressed with how far they’ve come here in establishing support services such as groups, home based care, etc. Don’t have time to get into it all now.

Sorry we haven’t been able to download any pictures. I tried again today, but wasn’t able too. As soon as we return I will put some pictures up.

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