The jet lag is beginning to wear off and the reality of our adventure is beginning to set in. One last image of Kilimanjaro as we set off for the airport and our flight home. A teary farewell to Pascal and Lesika, our special friends who delivered us safely from safari. We’ve arrived back in the U.S. after a grueling 30 hours of travel, exhausted yet exhilarated. It’s hard not to feel like it was all a dream. The memories and the Tanzanian dust clinging to our suitcases won’t let us forget. The nights are filled with dreams of giraffes on the highway, laughing children at the clinic chasing balloons, the faces of people so poor and yet so generous with their hearts and time. The days are filled with plans for financing this huge project, the intricacies of a global clinic, trying to fulfill the many expectations and to convey to those at home how important this truly is. Africa is a continent of paradoxes-incredible beauty; incredible poverty; a land of discovery and desperation. It’s hard to describe the grandeur of Ngorongoro crater. It’s even harder to describe the feelings evoked by the face of a 6 year old, infected with HIV who can still laugh and smile when given a small toy. My tireless and devoted staff have given their time and expertise to the people of Arusha, but the Tanzanians have given us an even larger gift-their hearts. We will never forget and we will be back.

Asante sana.