Today, I had the oppurtunity to do home visits. Our team comprised of a local case manager, our own social worker, nurse, physician, german medical student and translator. We all climbed into a Land Cruiser and journeyed off into what seemed like the opening sequence of Jurassic Park. We visited 4 patients with HIV, all recieving treatment through government asssisted programs. Despite being surprise visits and invading their modest homes, patients ushered us in with open arms. Two appeared well controlled but the other two were thin, frail, with likely end-stage disease. We did what we could, administering IV fluids to one, medications for symptomatic relief to others. Unlike in the hospital however, my role was mostly limited to that of spectator, supporter, and funny face-maker with household children. It was here that I could see what makes our group so strong. Our social worker addessed obstacles to compliance, providing food, water and lamps. Our student distributed clothes and toys. And unified we sat around each patient, giving warm smiles, hugs and encouragement. No translation required.