Congratulations 2022 Healthcare Scholarship Recipients!

In October, the Board of Directors voted to approve three more scholarships for healthcare workers in Tanzania – Boniphace  Mujambere Petro for Doctor of Medicine; Iman Charles Chimuly, Clinical Social Work; and Jastin Fredy MSN in Critical Care and Trauma nursing.
The Scholarship Committee spent much of August and September identifying candidates and reviewing applications and references.  Interviews were conducted via Zoom by teams of two committee members, including one from the speciality area of the applicants’ desired area of study.  The candidates were asked standardized questions and ranked in a rubric developed by the committee.  aThe 10-hour time difference and spotty WiFi on both continents proved to be challenging at times, but all 12 interviews were conducted successfully. The committee presented their recommendations at the October Board of Directors meeting.
Congratulations to the new scholars! Stay tuned for more details about each, new recipient, and updates on our current and past Scholars in the weeks ahead.

Boniphace Mujambere Petro,  Medicine


Iman Charles Chimuly, Clinical Social Work


Jastin Fredy, MSN Critical Care & Trauma Nursing



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