Tumaini (Hope) Revisited

Last January, when we returned to the Upone clinic, I saw very few familiar faces from the year before. Each day I hoped to see Twalibu sitting in the waiting room with his aunt. They never came. Neither did Gerald, the little 6 year old HIV+ boy whose picture we have used on the Phil […]

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Habari Za Kazi!

We are seeing changes since the first year of our visits in 2002 and note the scaling up of the Tanzania government for the VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing) and ARV (Anti retroviral) treatments. We heard that now patients between the ages of 35-50 years old are seeking out testing and counselig services. Fears that […]

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Return Engagement to Africa

Hello to one and All, We survived our 30 hour flight ordeal and have arrived safely in Arusha. We had very litle time between flights so it all went smooth and the trip seemed a little shorter than usual. We arrived at Moivaro Lodge Sunday evening about 8:30pm and we greeted by many friendly and […]

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Off to Tanzania 2006

It’s hard to believe more than a year has gone by since our last visit to Arusha, Tanzania. Once again, we are packed and ready for another trip to East Africa to continue our work in HIV/AIDS and our very special associations with the Tanzanian people and healthcare workers. Ten duffel bags are packed with […]

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