The 21st

Today we were invited to a social service organization for people living with HIV\AIDS, staffed by volunteers. We learned about their lives and problems in a sharing and discussion session and met with them individually in 2 teams of Dr., nurse and social worker. The lack of food/nutrition, transportation and lack of medicine for treatment […]

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Twalibu He is 6 years old. Beautiful and expressive brown eyes. A quick smile. Bright and outgoing. He’s as curious and energetic as any 6 year old at home. He also has HIV. He has lost both parents to HIV/AIDS and is now living with a loving aunt. So far, he’s fairly healthy; just a […]

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1st Day of Work

Our first working day started even before we were set up and ready to go. We pulled into the clinic and patients were already waiting. Dr. Ole had yet to arrive, but we jumped right in and we quickly developed our strategy. Lyn worked with the office staff to introduce them to our new assessment […]

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Arrived Safely

Quirir quelquefois, soulager souvent, consoler toujours. To cure sometimes, to help often, to comfort and console always. We have all arrived safely in Tanzania and could not be more pleased with our warm welcome. All of us are confident that this relationship that we are developing with the city of Arusha will flourish over the […]

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Leaving for Tanzania

The team gathered at Huntington Memorial Hospital at 4am to board their shuttles to the airport. Did someone remember to bring coffee? They have a long trip ahead along with quite a bit of luggage to keep track of. Everyone is excited though and ready to arrive in Tanzania. Have a safe trip team!

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Pasadena, CA

Well, I’m off to bring a little of AIDS Service Center to Tanzania? LITERALLY!! Packed in my bags to be shared with HIV/AIDS patients in Africa are: The pictures and stories of our HIV Postive Spanish-speaking women’s group, the Adult Art Commity, the Infected Teen group, and the Monday night HIV discussion group. Thank you […]

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Pasadena, California

At T minus 2 days and counting, this will be the first installment of The Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Journal. So many months (years) of preparation have taken us here. We already have a great email and postal correspondence with Dr. Solomon Ole Logilinore and his Upone Charitable Medical Centre in Arusha. Have sent ( […]

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Packing for the Trip

The team is packing to take off on january 17th! Wow there is a lot to take with us. Who’s got the heavy stuff….Do I hear Ryan volunteering?

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Tanzania Team January 2004

Meet the team: Jody Casserly LCSW , Rhonda Richins LVN. , Ryan Richins, Alison Morris, Ann Kleeger LCSW, Kimberly Shriner M.D. , Lyn Smillie, Jenny Murase M.D 

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