I truly can not say enough about this beautiful country and its warmhearted people.  In each face you see the purity of happiness.  That genuine smile that shines bright despite all kinds of challenges and needs.  Around me I see a hard working society full of potential just thirsting for an opportunity.  I find myself so fortunate to be working with them and feel priviledged to be able to lend my talents to their betterment.  Some  people I’ve met were just in need of some simple encouragement and knowing that somebody cares.  Like my new friend Moses at the orphanage who wants to become a doctor.  I was honored to give him his first listen through a stethascope and my heart was touched as he listened to his own heartbeat for the first time.  Others have benefited from what we consider simple antibiotics back home.  In just one day we helped save 4 children’s eyesight from the dires of Chlamydia  Every step we take is a step in Tanzania reaching it’s great potential. I’m honored to be a part of it and I hope everyone back home joins in to experience the joy of helping others.  This trip is not even half done yet and I’m already looking forward to planning the next one.  I have great appreciation to Dr. Shriner and Ms. Linda Jackson for organizing this amazing experience, to Dr. Koerner and Dr. Dimen and all the great staff at Huntington for all their support, and to Team Tanzania for welcoming me into their hearts.