Tanzania 2018-Soon on our way!

It’s an ambitious schedule, but with the incredible talents and passion of Team Tanzania 2018, the Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania Project’s trip to Arusha and environs this February will be a success. On the list are orthopedic, plastic, general surgery and ENT surgeries at St. Elizabeth Hospital, multiple medical and pediatric clinics at Kisongo Clinic, Kisongo Orphanage, the Borden Farm and Azimio Primary School; speciality clinics and academic workshops in dermatology, cardiology, general surgery and otolaryngology; a suture workshop and nursing care workshops at St. Elizabeth Hospital; Home Care evaluations for medical issues and mental health; global outreach at local primary schools and a collaborative workshop in animal awareness and mural art for Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots program at Azimio Primary School. The small animal veterinary team will be creating an ambitious spay and neuter program, hopefully recruiting 500 “customers” to prevent another 40,000 strays. The large animal vets will be working a couple of “donkey clinics” and providing “equitarian” workshops, a request of Dame Goodall and with the help of UC Davis and the Glide Foundation. Academic and research projects will continue with the medical and surgical house officers of Huntington Memorial and the ongoing PSCTP data base program will continue to collect important epidemiologic and medical data of Northern Tanzania. Finally, the US and Kisongo Board of Directors will be meeting with the architect and soil engineer to begin the Kisongo Clinic Build, perhaps culminating in a ground breaking ceremony.
In addition to the unique talents of Team Tanzania 2018, it’s members include 25 veteran participants and 35 new members. It’s a diverse team from many institutions in addition to Huntington Memorial. Two team members are joining us from the United Kingdom. One of our surgeons is “on loan” from the United States Navy and we are bringing our youngest team member, age 12 to serve as junior global outreach ambassador.
As we approach our departure date on Feb 3, the excitement and anticipation (and perhaps a little anxiety) are growing. Notwithstanding the 30 hour journey to East Africa, it will be 2 weeks filled with many activities and emotions, challenges and incredible experiences. For those of us who have done this before, we are returning to our African home and friends. For those of us who are visiting East Africa for the first time, an amazing adventure awaits. The work we do together, not just as Africans or Americans but as stewards of the world speak to the importance of compassion, understanding and caring for all the Earths’ inhabitants.
Onward to Africa. Jambo Tanzania!
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