Sunday, 4 February – Arusha, Tanzania

After about 30 hours of travel, Team Tanzania is now successfully ensconced at Moivaro Coffee Lodge in Arusha.
Juggling over 100 bags of supplies and equipment went remarkably smoothly thanks to the help of the TSA staff at LAX and the adaptability of the team members. Trans Atlantic flight to Amsterdam was very smooth and the team met up with the other members traveling from England and New York. After a quick jog through the Schiphol airport, boarded the next KLM flight to Kilimanjaro airport in Arusha and had a smooth flight over the Mediterranean, Egypt and down the Horn of Africa. Touchdown on time and the met by Dr Ezekiel Moirana who had spent days working on the preauthorization and approval of the medications we have brought for St Elizabeth Hospital and the clinics. Another successful suitcase dance accomplished at the airport and then all the luggage loaded onto the lorry. Enthusiastic but bleary eyed team members then climbed into their respective land rovers with the always amazing Hoopoe Safari drivers and migrated like a heard of dusty wildebeest to Moivaro Lodge. Greeted by delicious baobab juice refreshers ( which hopefully won’t come back to haunt any of us), the team finally finished one last luggage lug and headed off to a much deserved rest. Tomorrow is the preop surgical clinic where 120 prospective patients await and setting up the rest of the weeks many activities. Thanks to the very helpful staff at LAX, KLM, Tanzania customs, Hoopoe Safari and Moivaro lodge and of course Team Tanzania. Throughout the journey, the amazing Linda Jackson kept track of it all without losing a single suitcase!(or team member!)
Exhausted, dusty and all with bad airplane hair, it’s great to be back at our beautiful home in East Africa.
Jambo Tanzania and onward we go!

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