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Well, I’m off to bring a little of AIDS Service Center to Tanzania? LITERALLY!! Packed in my bags to be shared with HIV/AIDS patients in Africa are:

  • The pictures and stories of our HIV Postive Spanish-speaking women’s group, the Adult Art Commity, the Infected Teen group, and the Monday night HIV discussion group. Thank you to all of ASC’s clients who have been so willing to share their lives with their brothers and sisters in Africa, and to Richard Garay and Elsa Torres for making it all possible and for their translation services. As Dr. Shriner says it’s Spanish to English to Swahili and back again!
  • 30 disposable cameras for people in Africa to share their pictures and stories with our clients. (thanks to John Wisor and ASC for contributing to the cost of film developing, and to ASC Board member, Burt Purl, and Samy’s Cameras for the donation of the cameras).
  • Watercolor sets, brushes, paper and colored markers donated by the Adult Art Community so that I can do an art workshop with the people in Tanzania so they can experience healing through art as our clients in Pasadena have. I can’t wait to bring back their works of art to display at the next Art/Song on February 6th!
  • 1000 condoms and prevention and educational materials courtesy of Janis Martin (who is always willing to do good sharing – and always plays well with others!) and ASC’s Prevention and Community Education (PACE) department.
  • A psychosocial assessment tool adapted for use with patients in Tanzania (sensitive to cultural and social issues of that culture). Thanks to the mental health department, especially Susie Icaza, for input, ideas and suggestions!

This truly has been a group effort. I am so grateful to everyone at ASC for their enthusiasm , support and desire to participate in this project. I’m sure when I return I will have more of an idea of how ASC can do more. I have been especially inspired by the enthusiastic response from our clients through what has now come to be known as Healing the World Inch by Inch: People with HIV/AIDS Helping People with HIV/AIDS. What has come out of this – witnessing how this has personally affected the clients who have participated – has been amazing and powerful!

Thank you Dr. Shriner and the staff of the Phil Simon Clinic for giving me and ASC this incredible opportunity to share what we at ASC all do so well with the people of Tanzania. Thanks John & Yvonne for letting me go. Thanks to Kellum, Larry, Sheila, Laura, Randie and the rest of the mental health folks for covering for me while I’m gone (especially to Kellum for stepping in to hold down the fort!). Four A.M. is going to come pretty early tomorrow morning ? I can’t believe I’m going to Africa!!

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