Note for 2/5/07

This is a late journal note for Monday February 5, 2007.
Ann Kleeger.

The living positive group met this day deciding to give them a new name, Maisha
Mema, “The good Life”.

Fourteen members showed up Monday, most from the original group plus a few more new people. Two people of the thirty have died since last year.

They discussed the differences between last year and this year as “home based care, following the doctor’s advice, less people going to hospital and feeling freer to talk and be counseled.

What is giving people hope is education knowing they can survive and that others can learn from each other, sharing.

They focused on what it has meant to them to be a member of the group. All shared.
Susie Icaza met with us to introduce her project and all are eager to meet with her Thursday to participate.

There are still many problems, social and economic, concerns about the ability to pay meager rent costs and take care of their children alone. There is much they need.

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