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Friday, the donkey team returned to the Maasai village we went to on Tuesday. When we were there on Tuesday, the villagers weren’t immediately receptive to us working on their donkeys. We arrived later than we planned and the men were involved in a big political meeting and weren’t available to give their blessing for us to work on the donkeys. One of the village chairmen eventually helped us examine 20-25 donkeys on Tuesday. After we left, they were happy with the work we had done and understood the importance of the vaccination, deworming, hoof, dental, and wound care we were providing and asked if we could come back. Since we hadn’t planned to work on donkeys on Friday we readily agreed that we could come back. We met the same chairman at one of the water troughs and donkeys kept arriving. We were able to examine 88 donkeys and used up all the tetanus vaccine we brought. Several donkeys had their teeth and feet cared for as well. The villagers clearly trusted what we were doing because one perhaps 4 year old boy was allowed to bring his family’s 3 donkeys to us by himself to be examined and treated. Dr. Dennis was able to teach the local livestock field officer veterinarian how to do some hoof care and the community seemed engaged in trying to care for their donkeys. At the end of the day, we met with Erasto, who has spearheaded and set up all our donkey clinics, to discuss what shape the donkey clinics will take in the future. We are all in agreement that our work significantly improves the lives and welfare of the Tanzanian donkeys and plan to continue to grow this project. While we are out of some supplies, we are hoping to continue to offer examinations, deworming, and wound care when needed of some donkeys in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area as part of the group moves to that location!

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