Information about Friends of Donkey Project, the beneficiary of our upcoming Donkey Spooktacular on October 17th.









Friends of Donkey Project (FoDP) aims to deepen knowledge and understanding of donkey’s welfare and their sustainable use while benefiting community livelihoods in the model of One Healthy Animal Welfare (O-H-A-W)

Through education and awareness, we aim to improve community perception and stigma that affects donkey’s health and their welfare. From our experience we understand that the biggest challenge that affects working animals is behaviour change. And currently the pandemic – Covid 19 has accelerated this problem

Our Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots club engagement model, Knowledge leads to Compassion and compassion leads to Action (KCA) will stand as our tool on engaging community and Roots & Shoots members on raising education and awareness towards behaviour change of donkey’s welfare in our project area.


 Short summary of the core activities required in carrying out this project:

  • Organise R&S club leaders training on animal welfare issues. In order to tackle human behaviour change, it is a good idea to engage young people/children from early stages so that they have knowledge and empathy of caring for animals. To manage this, our peer-to-peer education method fits well so that training two club leaders from each club under the project area is best idea.
  • Organise training for Maasai women community members on animal welfare training and entrepreneurship skills so they can understand the interlinkage of a healthy community while well handling their donkeys and how that can overcome poverty among families and the society as whole. These women will be chosen from local community focusing on two major criteria; one it should have a small business and are of great influence in their community.
  • Organise animal welfare festivals. This is the best way to let our members practice and communicate the knowledge they gain to the wider community they share. Festivals will include number of activities not limited to educational tradition dance, drawings and exhibitions.
  • Organise Roots and Shoots members training as platform to practice peer to peer on the welfare of donkeys who would thereafter pass on the knowledge and practices to their respective clubs. This would raise awareness on animal welfare on donkeys to the R&S clubs at different schools across the region.


Outputs of the project

At the end of the project club members will have demonstrate an increased and improved knowledge base/change on animal welfare

  • At the end of project, the community member’s knowledge on animal welfare will be improved and will be able to initiate hands on animal welfare activities
  • At the end of project, the community will demonstrate best practices of animal welfare and behaviour change hence a well generating source of income and a well-organized small-scale business
  • Roots & Shoots members will advocate for best animal welfare practices




Outcomes of the project

  • A Stable community that takes animal welfare as fundamental principal should one wish to own any animal (Happy community and happy animals).
  • Animals leave in peace and harmony and well respected (Treated in a more humane manner)
  • More closed gap on animal welfare (stigma) and community demonstrate best practice.


Scope of the Project

This project aims to reach 40 Roots & Shoots clubs (40 schools) and advance the message to 100 members in each school, which makes a total of 4,000 members from 40 schools located in West Kilimanjaro, Arusha and Monduli districts. On peer-to-peer education we will train 90 club leaders and 40 club teachers (Patron/Matron).

Each club is expected to directly benefit 5 animals in ration of 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 chicken, 1 cow/goat and a single species of an animal thus making the total number of animal to be benefited directly estimated to be 20,000.

The chart below shows summary of project beneficiaries by numbers.



Expected long-term impact

The long-term impact of this project is expected through our Roots & Shoots model KCA that has been in place for the past 25 years has shown a very good impact on developing leadership skills to our members. Once our members are motivated and inspired through their club activities, they remain lifetime change maker and informed citizens that dwell in making the world a better place for all life. This funding will therefore stand as lifetime behaviour change seedling that will remain forever, even if the fund comes to an end.

Project sustainability

Engaging members to this kind of project by using the KCA model provides a unique platform that the project sustainability will be there. Funding can deplete at any time, but R&S clubs lasts forever and once one has impacted with powerful knowledge and passion the results and action are sustainable in any kind of situation. Once teachers have clear understanding of animal welfare, they will be able to streamline the gained knowledge on their teachings and that’s a very great sustainable engagement that Roots & Shoots program is proud with.







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