Day 2

I just can’t get the smile off my face! I was last in Arusha 40 years ago and recognize nothing of the small town it was then, but no matter… EVERYTHING makes me smile! There is all the traffic on the new 4-lane road with its dala-dala mini-buses and motorcycle taxis. Brightly garbed women and school children in uniforms light up the streets. Goats, cows, and donkeys wander by, grazing as the go, while vervet monkeys play in the trees near Moivaro Lodge. At St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and Kisongo, I smiled in appreciation of the patience shown by all who waited so long to be seen. Of course the children stole my heart completely! And finally, I am so happy to be using bits and pieces of the Swahili language, wishing I remembered more, but thrilled to be using that which remains. Furaha means happy, and that’s what I am!

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