Social Work: Year Four

The social workers, I think, have a very unique experience as part of this medical team. We don’t dispense medications…we can’t read an x-ray…we all got a little queasy listening to Dr. Schulman’s lecture on gastric bleeding at Mount Meru hospital…but Ann Kleeger, Susie Icaza and I have been hard at work practicing our own […]

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Kwaheri (Goodbye) Tanzania

Back from our safari safe and sound. More than I can say for the cape bufallo and the zebra being enjoyed by the lions of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, however! We’re saying goodbye (kwaheri) to Arusha today. Everyone’s a bit quiet, and, for some, the tears have already started (well, that would be me. […]

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Dalla Dalla’s & American Pop Culture

We all talk about the people and the hope and the spirit. In addition to the amazing people of Arusha, I have been facinated with how American pop culture is alive and well throughout the town. So many bars with American names (The Hollywood Bar, Moonlight Bar, Las Vegas Bar). Then there’s the Dalla Dalla’s […]

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My Entry Part II

So, my entry the other day got cut short! Not used to being limited to my time on the computer, when my 30 minutes was up, IT WAS REALLY UP! Anyway, I just wanted to add that seeing the Tumiani group return to Upone was one of the highlights of my week! The connection we […]

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Tumaini (Hope) Revisited

Last January, when we returned to the Upone clinic, I saw very few familiar faces from the year before. Each day I hoped to see Twalibu sitting in the waiting room with his aunt. They never came. Neither did Gerald, the little 6 year old HIV+ boy whose picture we have used on the Phil […]

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Another Side of Tanzania

Coming to Tanzania to work has again provided the team an opportunity to see a side of the country and the people that most do not get to see. We have seen over 100 patients this week at Upone Clinic and have learned much more about the culture of the Tanzanians. The patients and staff […]

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Tumaini Group

Today marked the first official meeting of the Tumaini Group (Swahili for “Hope”). This will be a group of women either infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS who hope to come together regularly at the Upone Clinic to share with each other, and to go out in the community to educated others and invite them […]

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Pasadena, CA

Well, I’m off to bring a little of AIDS Service Center to Tanzania? LITERALLY!! Packed in my bags to be shared with HIV/AIDS patients in Africa are: The pictures and stories of our HIV Postive Spanish-speaking women’s group, the Adult Art Commity, the Infected Teen group, and the Monday night HIV discussion group. Thank you […]

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