Nursing Day 3

Today was an incredibly special day. Yesterday, we met a beautiful (but tiny) 10-year-old girl during a pediatric clinic we held at a government school. She had an obvious deformity to her chest. When we examined her, we discovered that she also had a very serious heart murmur. Because we are fortunate enough to have both a cardiologist and an ultrasound technologist with us, as well as a very excellent ultrasound machine, we returned to the school to examine the child with the two specialists this morning. We discovered that she has a very damaged heart. She will die if this is not surgically repaired. We contacted the father and he came in to meet with us. We explained the situation and told him we will see what can be done, with the possibility that it may include flying this little girl to the United States for life-saving surgery. He is open to doing whatever she needs. She is such a beautiful young lady and it was a most special moment and the highlight of the trip so far, to be sure.

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